Friday, October 1, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Part 1

It's October 1st - the first day of my favorite month.  I love the fall weather, warm clothes, scarves and boots, Halloween, leaves falling, autumn bliss... my birthday.  It's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a few weeks ago I pledged that today, I would blog for my breasts.

The Love/AVON Army of Women initiative is focused on recruiting one million women for breast cancer research, with the long term goal of preventing breast cancer all together.  The program is maintained entirely online.  Women can sign up to be a part of the Army of Women by signing up at - I did, and I would encourage you to as well.  Once you sign up, you are contacted via E-blast to participate in breast cancer prevention research studies.  In many research studies, recruiting subjects is the biggest obstacle, and the Army of Women innovation program has virtually eliminated this hurdle.

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